If you're looking for a way to:
*Solve behavior problems
*Exercise your dog in a way that will tire his body and mind
*Improve off-leash reliability
*Become better at all aspects of training and communicating with your dog
*Build a strong bond between you and your dog
*Gain a really cool skill to show off to the uninitiated masses
*Have a hell of a lot of fun!
Then agility might be right for you! Agility training is all about building a common language between dog and owner. It teaches you to use body language to communicate clearly and effectively.

Another benefit of agility is that it provides the kind of exercise that actually improves a dog's behavior. Have you ever taken your dog for a long run, only to bring him home and find that he's actually more hyper and crazy than when you started? That's because vigorous exercise is good for Fido's body, but it does nothing to exercise his brain.

Dog agility training classes in Parksville, Errington and Qualicum beach. Our agility training is designed to foster a wonderful time with your dog in the growing world of dog sports!!


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Agility is FUN!

Dog Agility is FUN!



Training your dog is FUN!