Agility Q
Custom Dog Harness

For your TEAM MATE! Harnesses are all the rage these days!!!

Julius K-9 style for trialing (easy on/off) or V-shaped no pull for training and flyball.

Agility Q - See Dog Models Agilityq Models, See V-harness HERE! See how to measure HERE!
RAINBOW WRAPS for Running Contacts
Customized Funky harness labels HERE

Agility Q Personalized V-HARNESS (no pull limited cinch) NEW 1 2 3 Go! Agility Harness!!!!

SEE how the 1 2 3 Go Harness works here!!!

The 1 2 3 = easy removal for agility! Like the V harness this harness also features padded poly pro webbing and tubular nylon girth strap, a no pull martingale cinch feature (optional) with personalized name. Your choice of fleece, terry or satin padding. Note: the cotton terry padding can work as a cooling harness when wet. See instructions for measurement below. Handle is optional (5.00), for those flyball dogs out there! Price $35 - 55 depending on size and features

NOTE: To measure see youtube video below
testimonials -- what people say: Alexo from New York says, It fits perfectly, and she likes it. I was having issues with the harness she was using, every time she saw me grab it, she would just run from the door. With this one, she just comes to it. And then, of course the monster collar is everybody's favorite. She looks so cute.
I also think she pulls less. My husband took her out for a mini walk the other day and said it was much easier to walk her with the harness. With me she doesn't pull, but I did notice that she walks taller :-)

Pam from Nanaimo says: They arrived today and they are stunning! Thank you so much!Pam.

Andrea from Illinois says, "hi the harness is brilliant. we have enough girth strap for three dogs and the shoulders fit great the way you set it up. the harness looks better than anything i have seen on the market. thanks again for making it." andrea

Louise from Nanaimo says ...Just wanted you to know Ciciís harness is PERFECT, it fits great and she has been wearing it at agility and my husband finds it really easy to click her back up given all that hair."

Tanya from Vancouver says " "Best walk ever!!! Angela Maharajh I could just kiss you (and I don't care what Shelley says..LOL). That harness is amazing! Took Kayden on a walk in Campbell valley and he was awesome! Much easier to control and my arms and back were saved! I almost burst into tears..LOL. Thank you again!"

Gail from Courtnay called to tell me "Used the harness for the first time today and it was my best walk with Max. I wondered if he was on drugs, he was so calm!"

NEW 1 2 3 Go! Agility Harness!!!!

Release any three clips to quickly remove and GO! Perfect for agility. Has all the same awesome no pull features as the V Harness. (patent pending)

Regular No Pull cinch harness


Fleece all around v-harness AgilityQ HARNESS

Ribbon on the V!
AgilityQ V or 123 Go! HARNESS

small = < 25 lbs
medium = 25 -40 lbs
large = > 40 lbs

Sizes and Function (V or 123 Go!)
CHOOSE Padding
Dog's Name & Harness Color
Dog girth + shoulder + smallest part of neck

Add a Handle

Add a handle to your harness (ideal for Flyball) $5.00

Kimono Snuggle Harness - Soft mesh, your choice of accent color.

For measurements please provide - neck size and girth around their chest, and provide a picture of your dog's body profile.

accent color

Agility Q Personalized Billboard HARNESS

Agility Q BB Harness!

This Harness is cotton lined, light weight -- ideal for dog agility trials because it lifts easily over the head on the line just before you run. Made with Faux leather (red/kiwi/turquoise/lilac) or breathable Gortex (basic blue/ yellow) all with fleece trim! Lined with breathable 100 % COTTON! to keep your dog comfortable in all weather

Dog Name + Mantra
Girth Size


Customize your label your way! with fleece, ribbon and thread color options. Funkified! $8, $10, $12 each depending on the size.

Funky Harness Label Size Inches
Fleece, ribbon, thread color
Words, Dog Name, ID etc...


HOW TO MEASURE Your Dog for harness

Please note: the front V measurement is important, you measure from the top of the withers, along the front of the dog's chest, and between their front legs, under their chest to their sternum.
Because all dogs are different shapes and sizes, even if I measure your dog, the harness may need to be refitted. I am happy to refit, so just send the harness back to me and we'll give it another go.
Please include pictures of your dog so I can see their unique shape

HOW TO MEASURE Your Dog's Harness Size video



Choose set of 2 or 4 in drop down (pink, blue, green, purple)
circumference around leg
other color choice? specify